Python programs for electron microscopy
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UCSF PyEM is a collection of Python modules and command-line utilities for electron microscopy of biological samples.

The entire collection is licensed under the terms of the GNU Public License, version 3 (GPLv3).

Copyright information is listed within each individual file. Current copyright holders include:

  • Eugene Palovcak (UCSF)
  • Daniel Asarnow (UCSF)

Documentation for the programs can be found in their usage text, comments in code, and in the Wiki of this repository.


  1. - Perform projection subtraction using per-particle FRC normalization.
  • - Recenter particles on the center-of-mass of corresponding 2D class-averages.
  • - Graph angular distributions on polar scatter plots. Supports particle subset selection.
  • pyem/ - Alter .star files. Supports dropping arbitrary fields, Euler angles, etc.
  • - Project a map according to .star file entries (angles, CTF, etc.).
  • - Convert Cryosparc metadata files to Relion .star format.

Library modules

  1. pyem/ - Simple, standalone MRC I/O functions.
  • pyem/ - Parse and write .star files. Uses pandas.DataFrame as a backend.

Other files

  1. activate - Place in EMAN2/bin to turn EMAN2 into a Python virtual environment.

(C) 2016 Daniel Asarnow
University of California, San Francisco