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BBEdit package for Go development


  • Full language syntax highlighting
  • Support for code folding func
  • Language defaults
  • Full set of clippings
  • Go tool scripts
  • Completion data for Go standard library

The package is a collection of BBEdit supporting elements for developing Go applications. The Resources directory contains the toolset for supporting the scripting and integration.

The shell scripts utilize a snapshot of gows which is a workspace manager that can detect the Go workspace and run commands within that workspace. The scripts also uses a snapshot of bbresults. This is a Ruby script that accepts formatted records on stdin and displays them in a results browser window in BBEdit. It is useful for lint or build tools to output results in BBEdit in an easy to use form.


The following are required for using Go.bbpackage:

  • BBEdit 11.1 or greater
  • Go 1.5 or greater

Optional components:


A completion library can be built using Universal Ctags. This is a modern maintained version of Exuberant Ctags. It includes support for Go.

The easiest way to install it is to use homebrew:

brew tap universal-ctags/universal-ctags
brew install --HEAD universal-ctags

The following is a recommended ~/.ctags configuration:


To build a tags library for the Go standard library, run the following target (run by default):

make tags


To build Go.bbpackage:


The package should be cloned into a working directory. The Makefile will build the sources. The install task will install the package to the correct Application Support directory (either in $HOME/Dropbox/Application Support/BBEdit or $HOME/Library/Application Support/BBEdit).

    git clone
    cd Go-bbpackage
    make install


Pull changes and run make install again:

    cd Go-bbpackage
    git pull
    make clean install


The best way to use BBEdit with a Go project is to simply launch BBEdit from the project root.

    cd ~/Projects/workspace/src/<username>/<my cool project>
    bbedit .