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drm_info status

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Small utility to dump info about DRM devices.

Requires libdrm and json-c.


Build with

meson build
cd build
sudo ninja install

If you don't have the minimum json-c version (0.13.0), meson will automatically download and compile it for you. If you don't want this, run the first meson command with

meson build --wrap-mode nofallback


drm_info [-j] [--] [path]...
  • -j - Output info in JSON. Otherwise the output is pretty-printed.
  • path - Zero or more paths to a DRM device to print info about, e.g. /dev/dri/card0. If no paths are given, all devices found in /dev/dri/card* are printed.

DRM database

drmdb is a database of Direct Rendering Manager dumps. This database is used to keep track of GPUs and DRM driver features support.

Please help us gather more data! You can do so by uploading DRM information from your GPU.

drm_info -j | curl -X POST -d @-

This will upload information about your GPUs, your GPU drivers and your screens.