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A plugin (widget) for the jQuery Tablesorter plugin by Christian Bach which allows you to mark rows as "static", therefore retaining their position in the table through sorts
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Static Row Widget for jQuery Tablesorter

Author: Nils Luxton
License: MIT (see LICENSE for details)


    This widget allows you to mark any row(s) in the table as "static", thus ensuring that these rows
    remain in their starting position through any and all sorts.


    1. Simply add the "staticRow" widget to the tablesorter() call as follows:
        $('#myElem').tablesorter({ widgets: ['staticRow'] });

    2. Add the class "static" to any and all rows that you wish to be unsortable.

    That's it!

Included files:

        This contains a series of files that provide a simple, editable example of the "staticRow" widget in effect.

        This is the development version of the widget, in case you wish to change the code / see how it's done

        This is the production version of the widget, with code minified
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