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Searx instances

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Public Searx instances

Useful information

(1) Note that most of the instances with a A+ grade in CSP column in this site are not fully functional - for example auto-completion may not work.

List of public Searx instances

Meta-searx instances

These are websites that source from other searx instances. These are useful if you can't decide which Searx instance to use:

clearnet host onion host issuer source selection method extra privacy features
Searxes onion v3 hidden service Let's Encrypt (verification) Sources data from a randomly selected running server that satisfies admin's quality standards which is used for post-processing. Instances proxied through CF would not make the shortlist of sourced instances. This keeps the search itself CAPTCHA-free for everyone and also mitigates risk of search queries being shared with CF. Filters out privacy-hostile results (like CloudFlare sites) and folds them below the high ranking results.
Neocities n/a Comodo (verification) Redirects users directly to random selection of any known running server after entering query. Instances proxied through CloudFlare are among the set of sourced instances so it's possible to write a query and then get hit with a CAPTCHA prior to seeing the results.

Alive and running:

NOTE: Public instances listed here may yield less accurate results as they have much higher traffic and consequently have a higher chance of being blocked by search providers such as Google, Qwant, Bing, Startpage, etc. Hosting your own instance or using an instance that isn't listed here may give you a more consistent search experience.

Running in exclusive private walled-gardens

These instances run in walled-gardens that exclude some segment of the general public (e.g. Tor users and users sharing IPs with many other users). Caution: privacy is also compromised on these sites due to exposure of cleartext traffic to a third party other than the website operator.

Running with an incorrect SSL certificate:


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