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RF2APRS-IG Gateway supporting this backends:

  • Pulseaudio
  • ALSA


  • Install multimonNG
  • Install rtl-sdr (for RTL-SDR backend)
  • Run python2 install


Edit /etc/pymultimonaprs.json:


Set the source to rtl, alsa, or pulse to select the backend


Set the status text, or set a status file - the content of this file will be read at runtime and sent as status. This way you can eg. monitor your battery status using APRS-IG. Set both text and file to false to disable status beacon.

Position Ambiguity

To hide your exact position you can set the ambiguity value to a value from 0 to 4.

  • 0 will not hide anything
  • 1 will decrease precision to 1/10 of a min
  • 2 will decrease precision to 1 min
  • 3 will decrease precision to 10 min
  • 4 will decrease precision to 1°


You can set weather to a json-file. eg: "weather": "/path/to/weather.json",
If you don't want do send weather date, just leave it on false.
This will be read in like the status-file and can look like that:

	"timestamp": 1366148418,
	"wind": {
		"speed": 10,
		"direction": 240,
		"gust": 200
	"temperature": 18.5,
	"rain": {
		"rainlast1h": 10,
		"rainlast24h": 20,
		"rainmidnight": 15
	"humidity": 20,
	"pressure": 1013.25


  • timestamp is seconds since epoch - must be included
  • wind
    • speed is in km/h
    • direction is in deg
    • gust is in km/h
  • temperature is in °C
  • rain
    • rainlast1h is in mm
    • rainlast24h is in mm
    • rainmidnight is in mm
  • humidity is in %
  • pressure is in hPa

The timestamp must be included - everything else is optional.


The correct symbol is already selected. If you still want to change it, you can find the symbol table here.

IPv4 / IPv6

To select a protocol you can set preferred_protocol to ipv4, ipv6 or any.
You use a raw IPv6 address as a gateway like this: "[2000::1234]:14580".


  • Run systemctl start pymultimonaprs or just pymultimonaprs -v for testing
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