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Client-side versions manager.
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node npm (scoped) license

Application Version Manager

  • better client storages management.
  • remove all, specific or exclude values.
  • custom configuring and scalability.
  • works with any project type: Angular/React, Native JavaScript, jQuery etc.
  • more than just an adding a timestamp to *.js files.

Notice: Version Manager has no UI, only internal JavaScript implementation. Just include it in your project & configure!

Table of Contents


  1. cd core.
  2. npm install.
  3. node generator.js (or just execute build.bat).


  1. direct-keys-specifying
  2. data-auto-loading
  3. modifying-existing-data
  4. removed-keys-collection
  5. session-continue


Configure core/settings.json if needed.


Parameter Description
versionKey localStorage key, which contains info about current build.
storages Only isActive storage is used.
configPath If autoCopy.use is false, the path to config.json should be set manually.


Parameter Description
use If true - a new build will have been copied there automatically, otherwise - will be created just a new version-manager build.
dirPath Path to project directory, which contains the main index.html file.
buildPath Path to load version-manager according to previous dirPath parameter.


What does mean PATH_TO_VERSION_MANAGER_CONFIG_JSON 404 (Not Found) in console?

  • Wasn't specified parameter configPath. If you use autoCopy behaviour, the target file generates an appropriate source inside itself with actual path to config.json file. Otherwise, set this path manually in settings.json -> configPath.

Example: app-version-manager/build/config.json.

How to clear all storages, but save the current user session without log out?

  • See demo#5. If you use localStorage in your app to saving the major user data e.g. access_token, it's a good way to clear all data, but except this one. As a consequence, user won't be redirected to login page and could continue his session with updated application.

Why should do I set version-manager main.js file the first in list?

  • When you run your application, version-manager checks current version and compares it with new one if needed. When a new build is available, the further application loading will be stopped and page reloads. As a result, the user doesn't see any content data while the version-manager is getting a new build.

I have several different tools which load initial data. Version-manager doesn't load always the first. Which is solution?.

  • In this way, you may manually change request type to synchronous in app-version-manager/main.js file like this: 'GET', configPath, false. Thus, all other scripts will be invoked only when version-manager loaded.


MIT License

Copyright (c) 2017 asduser

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