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This repository will include all versions of my portfolio, both past and present.



I'm currently working on the next iteration of the site, starting from the ground up. I'd also like to refactor the setup of this repository, but it's going to take some brushing up of my knowledge of git to make it happen. It may even require a new repository altogether. Stay tuned!


After months of freelancing and agonizing over my portfolio, I finally launched it on Wednesday, May 6.

Portfolio Version 2.0

After brief exposure to Ruby in a collaborative assignment with Ruby students at Metis, I wanted to peek a little more into the world of Ruby, and decided to ditch WordPress for Jekyll.

It's funny how cyclical things are. Getting started with Jekyll took me back to my early days when I was teaching myself HTML and CSS and abusing iFrames.

I'm happy that static websites are making a comeback. There's a certain level of intimacy I feel with my code without the filters of themes and plugins that a more robust CMS like WordPress can provide.

Lessons learned: commit early and often. Sadly, I made some pretty awful mistakes with my Sass file several times early on in the process and lost a lot of work. Take it from me; a "perfect" commit history does not exist, and is actually more useful if you're able to track your changes, no matter how ugly.

If you want to leave feedback on this version, Dribbble is a great place to do so!


Fresh out of the premiere 8-week intensive User Experience Design course at General Assembly, I needed a portfolio to showcase all of my UX/UI Design experience, and fast. I turned to the tools I knew best at the time; HTML, CSS and WordPress.

Portfolio Version 1.0

Launched September 17, 2013, it runs on WordPress and features my first child theme, "Authentic," based on the Mindful theme at ThemeTrust.

If you're still interested in seeing this version, it is available on my site for a short while.


Typography update. Swap highly decorative typefaces Comfortaa (headings) and Amaranth (body) for more legible and balanced sans-serif font stack.


Updated header image and edited promo copy.


Interested in working together on a project? Unfortunately, I'm not looking for collaboraters or new opportunities at this time.

I welcome any questions or feedback. Please send all inquiries via the contact form.


A showcase of my best work as a Product Designer specializing in UX/UI and front-end development.






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