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NOTE: This script is for demo purpose only. Programming Club or any person related to it shall not be held responsible for their misuse.

  • Displays all the airline flights
  • Displays all the airline codes
  • Search all the flights for speciifc airline/country
  • Displays 15 days history of specific flight
  • Displays different timezones based on departure/arrival country
  • Tabluate the output results


Using this script you can track/check/search flight details.

Airline scrapper

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            Show this help message and exit
  -lc                   Lists all the airline codes
  -s  SEARCH_CODES      Enter the airline/country name
  -af AIRLINE_FLIGHTS   Enter Airline code (Ex. AAL, AIC). Use -lc to display
                        airline codes or use -s to search
  -fh FLIGHT_HISTORY    Enter flight code

##Example The below example displays the 15 days history for flight AIC102 in tabular form

python airline.py -fh AIC102

Date From To Departure - Arrival Duration
12-Oct-2015 Indira Gandhi Int'l (New Delhi IN) - VIDP Chatrapati Shivaji Int'l (Mumbai IN) - VABB 16:55 IST - 18:55 IST Scheduled
11-Oct-2015 John F Kennedy Intl (New York, NY) - KJFK Indira Gandhi Int'l (New Delhi IN) - VIDP 16:25 EDT - 15:02 IST (+1) On The Way!