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Tool for extracting images from a ROSBAG and synchronizing them with a TF transform between two frames
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Copyright (C) 2017 - Maciej Żurad, University of Luxembourg

Tool for extracting images from a ROSBAG and syncing them with a given TF transform


If you want to specify both source and targe frame ids, run:

./ \
  -f source-frame-id \
  -t target-frame-id \
  -i ros-image-topic \
  -b /path/to/a/rosbag.bag \
  -o /path/to/output-dir

By default, the source frame id is /map and the target frame is DJI/gimbal_base/camera. If you want to have the gimbal transformation included in your TF tree, check out my dji_gimbal repository.

You can also output the transformation's orientation in Euler angles. If you wish to do so, pass in -e flag.

The output directory will have the following structure:

|   image_00000.png
|   image_00001.png
|   ...
|   pos_00000.txt
|   pos_00001.txt
|   ...
    |   poses.npy

To print help, run:

./ -h

Required Python packages

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