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Celery Wiki

Getting Involved

Projects / Applications using/for Celery.

If you have a project or application using Celery, or if you have something
that extends the functionality of Celery, please add it to this list.

  • AppScale by nlake44 – Implements Google App Engine TaskQueue API.
  • celery-paste by twillis — is a paste loader for Celery.
  • django-celery-email by pmclanahan — A Django email backend using Celery.
  • django-collector by kmpm — A django application that uses Celery for collecting measurements.
  • django-projector by lukaszb – Project management with repositories support written as Django app.
  • django-queued-storage by seanbrant — Provides a proxy for django file storage, that allows you to upload files locally and eventually serve them remotely.
  • durian by ask — Webhooks for Django.
  • errand-boy — A memory-conscious alternative to os.fork() and subprocess.Popen() when using async workers.
  • RhodeCode by marcinkuzminski – Mercurial repository browser/management tool
  • mixpanel-celery by winhamwr — Asynchronous event tracking for Mixpanel using Celery.
  • opus — a web applications and services management platform which creates a secure platform as a service environment using celery and rabbitMQ as its message bus
  • TyphoonAE by Tobias Rodäbel – Alternative serving environment to run Google App Engine Python applications.
  • 365Video by Cobalys – Video Blogging Platform based on Django, Celery and FFMpeg. Released under GPLv3.
  • sea-cucumber – A celery-backed Django email backend that sends emails via Amazon Simple Email Service (SES).

Companies/websites using Celery

Please add your company/website to this list.


Release cycle
Release Procedure


Rewriting the periodic task service.
Revoking Tasks
Rewriting the AMQP routing options.

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