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  1. 点击即用,无需多余步骤。自带wine配置文件与中文字体,您甚至不需要在系统中安装wine或多余的中文字体即可运行
  2. 更小的体积。得益于Appimage的高压缩率与运行时挂载的独特技术优势,现在软件的大小可以缩小到200兆左右(即便是在现在自带运行环境的情况下)
  3. 更好的兼容性。一个Appimage文件包含了wine的应用程式与所需的所有系统lib库,真正地剥离了对系统环境的依赖,您不用再担心wine版本与配置的影响






Gamux="Game"+"Linux",一个关于Linux游戏的社区。社区的理念是通过推出更多的游戏来在中国传播Linux和开源。 他们已经探索了四年多,积攒了许多的经验。 AppImage给Linux下应用发布带来的变革与他们的理念不谋而合,所以积极地投入到Appimage的本地化的工作中。Gamux社区完成了Wine-TIM appimage的制作,并将完成WIne-QQ与Wine-TIM后续支持工作。




号召大家去为Appimage的官方项目 加星以支持这个开创性的项目以及表示对项目开发者@probonopd的支持!





We are proud to release the Appimage version of wine-QQ and wine-TIM

Just download it, click to use now!

Download it here!


  1. Click to use without extra steps. Comes with wine configuration file and Chinese fonts, you do not even need to install wine or redundant Chinese fonts
  2. Smaller size Thanks to Appimage's high compression ratio and the unique technical advantages of runtime mounting, the size of software can now be reduced to around 200M (even in today's version with needed wine environments)
  3. Better compatibility. An Appimage file contains the wine application and all the required system lib libraries that really strip the dependencies on the system environment and you no longer have to worry about the effects of the wine version and system configuration

Welcome feedback and suggestions

Running such a complex but widely-used windows program under linux is not an easy task, a lot of time is devoted to getting rid of so many problems, so it's not perfect now and needs you to come to us Feedback, and work together to find solutions to improve it. You are welcome to use the timely feedback on the problems appear, if you have to solve the problem of the program or program to improve the proposal, welcome to contact us.

Special thanks

Special thanks to @probonopd, the creator of Appimage who have been very active in the development of this project, spending a great deal of time and energy on this project, as well as the support of the Gamux Chinese community, which I am honored to be a part of.

Mr. Probonopd completed his groundbreaking work - completing the first Appimage version of Wine-QQ and resolving the core issues to be addressed when using Appimage for QQ and building a basic framework (our later work includes Wine-TIM Birth are based on this framework).

Gamux = "Game" + "Linux", a community about Linux games. The community's philosophy is to spread Linux and open source in China by introducing more games. They have explored more than four years and accumulated a lot of experience. AppImage to Linux under the application of the changes brought about coincide with their philosophy, so actively involved in the localization of Appimage's work. The Gamux community has completed the production of Wine-TIM appimage and will complete follow-up support for WIne-QQ and Wine-TIM.

During development, we consulted with deepin ( developers for some technical issues, and their suggestions provided us with a lot of inspiration for development. Thanks to the help of deepin communities and developers.

Star for the project

Appimage is a new generation of application distribution formats developed and released by probonopd. The release of Appimage provides a great new idea for software distribution under Linux, download an application, give permission to run, double-click to run! No need to install! No need to change dependencies or system configuration.

Calling you to go star for Appimage's official project to support this groundbreaking project and to show support for project developer @probonopd!

Welcome Contributions to Appimage localization

After a period of hard work, Appimage localization has been basically completed, the Chinese official website and the Chinese Forum has been launched, welcome to visit

Appimage Chinese version of the development document has also been completed translation on the line, interested developers are welcome to visit, to join Appimage localization work, and to complete more demanding applications packaged to promote the use of linux Experience optimization

contact us