Python scripts for generating a bilingual dictionary from a wikipedia dump file.
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This project offers some python scripts for generating a bilingual dictionary from a wikipedia dump. The result is stored as CSV file, where the first column holds the wikipedia titles in the source language, the second one the translated titles in the destination language extracted from the interlanguage links of the article.

System Requirements

Tested on Mac OS X 10.6.8 with Python 2.6.5. Needs bash, bunzip2 and curlfor downloading the Wikipedia dump files. The scripts most probably also run on Linux, but not on Windows.


  1. Download the latest Wikipedia XML dump file of the source language (in the example we use german (de) ). Be aware that the XML dump files from Wikipedia can be quite big (e.g. the german one is 2.8 GB), so the download might take a while:

     sh de
  2. Generate the dictionary (here a german-russian dictionary) into the CSV file de_ru.csv excluding articles with keywords from the dewiki-exclude.txt file:

     python -i dewiki-latest-pages-articles.xml -l ru -o de_ru.csv -x excludes/dewiki-exclude.txt
  3. With you can search through the dictionary for a translation of a word:

     python -i de_ru.csv
     Enter word to translate: