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Function to send mail by smtp in 9.3+
#No tested in 9.2-

This PostgreSQL extension implements a functions to send mail and attach by smtp using plpython

IMPORTANT: There're bugs in the existing version, please contact to me.
This extentsion in only executable by admid user, because use untrusted language plpython

Building and install
Install postgresql-plpython:sudo apt-get install postgresql-plpython-9.x (where x >=3)
Run make install 
In postgresql execute: CREATE EXTENSION plpythonu;
              create extension pgsmtp;

#insert data(user, smtpserver,port,password) about the sender user un into table pgsmtp.user_smtp_data, is required to send mail

INSERT INTO pgsmtp.user_smtp_data VALUES ('','',587,'mypass')

#sending mail pgsmtp.pg_smtp_mail(sender, receiver, cc,topic,text) with cc

select pgsmtp.pg_smtp_mail('','',array['',''],'Test mail','Mail from postgres using pgsmtp :D');

#sending mail pgsmtp.pg_smtp_mail(sender, receiver, cc,topic,text) without  cc

select pgsmtp.pg_smtp_mail('','',array[''],'Test mail','Mail from postgres using pgsmtp :D');

#sending mail pgsmtp.pg_smtp_mail_attach(sender, receiver, cc,topic,text,attach) with attach

select pgsmtp.pg_smtp_mail_attach('','',array[''],'Test mail','Mail from postgres using pgsmtp :D',array['/tmp/adjunto.txt']);

Anthony R. Sotolongo leon

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