Statically populate the `known_third_party` `isort` setting.
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Statically populate the known_third_party isort setting.

isort when run in isolation is not the best at determining what dependencies are third party.

aspy.refactor_imports is fortunately much better at this static analysis.

Why not just use reorder-python-imports? Well, it lacks a few features provided by isort (intentionally).

What this script does is seeds the known_third_party isort configuration automatically.


pip install seed-isort-config


seed-isort-config provides a single executable by the same name. Run it inside a git repository.

To specify custom application roots (such as with the src pattern) pass a colon-separated --application-directories parameter.

Files may be excluded from the process using the --exclude flag. This argument takes a python regular expression.

For a full list of arguments, see seed-isort-config --help.

getting started

seed-isort-config looks for an existing known_third_party setting in an isort configuration file. It will modify that if it exists, otherwise it'll create a brand new .isort.cfg file.

The easiest way to get started is to just add a blank known_third_party = section to your isort configuration.

usage with pre-commit

This works especially well when integrated with pre-commit.

-   repo:
    rev: v1.5.0
    -   id: seed-isort-config
-   repo:
    rev: v4.3.4
    -   id: isort

In this configuration, seed-isort-config will adjust the known_third_party section of the isort configuration before isort runs!

Note that seed-isort-config doesn't act like a normal pre-commit linter so file exclusion must be configured through args: [--exclude=...] instead. For example: args: [--exclude=tests/.*\.py].