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Store Node.js modules encrypted in a package file.

Requires: Node.js version >=0.12


Run npm rebuild to build native addon from the project sources. Additional command line option --target allows to set specific Node.js version.


The module is indented to create an encrypted package with several Node.js modules and to use these modules from the package file.

See encrypt.js and decrypt.js for usage example.


The module consists of two binary parts exporting following functions:

  • Encrypt part (allowed only if iris-encrypt.node addon exists)

    • generateAuth() - generate authorization key
    • package() - create encrypted package
  • Decrypt part (in iris-decrypt.node addon)

    • load() - load encrypted package

Publisher encrypts a set of JavaScript files and modules into single package file with generated authorization key.

Client loads the package with the supplied authorization key and use require() function to load a particular module.

var irisCrypt = require('iris-crypt');

generateAuth(password, serial)

Create an authorization key string based on a password string and serial number. The serial number must be in a range [0..65535].

var password = 'zzz';
var serial = 1234;
var auth = irisCrypt.makeAuth(password, serial);
// assert(auth == 'EK4Z-3Z1E-SE4J-ANMZ-X390-917Z')

package(auth, filename, files)

Create a single encrypted with auth key in a package file named as filename.

The package contents is set with files object, where each property in the object is a module name and path pair:

irisCrypt.package(auth, 'some/where/filename.pkg', {
	'module1_name': 'path/to/module1',
	'module2_name': 'another/path/to/module2',

load(auth, filename)

Load a package from a file named as filename and decrypt it with auth.

Returns a Package object with require(name) function wich loads a module from the package.

var pkg = irisCrypt.load(auth, 'some/where/filename.pkg');


Load a module stored in the package. This function fallbacks to original Node.js require() function, if there is no such a module.

var module1 = pkg.require('module1_name');
// use exports from module1

var module2 = pkg.require('module2_name');

var fs = pkg.require('fs'); // load native Node.js module


The serial number that was used for the package auth key generation. Read-only property.

var sn = pkg.serial; // 1234


An array of module names stored in the package. Read-only property

var modules = pkg.names; // ['module1_name', 'module2_name']


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