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Sample MusicStore application that uses MVC and Entity Framework.
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MusicStore application

This project is part of ASP.NET 5. You can find samples, documentation and getting started instructions for ASP.NET 5 at the Home repo.

Run the application on Helios:

  • If you have Visual Studio 2015
    1. Open MusicStore.sln in Visual Studio 2015 and run the individual applications on IIS Express.
  • If you don't have Visual Studio 2015
    1. Open a command prompt and execute cd \src\MusicStore\.
    2. Execute dnu restore.
    3. Execute Helios.cmd to launch the app on IISExpress from command line (Application started at URL http://localhost:5001/).

NOTE: App and tests require Visual Studio 2015 LocalDB on the machine to run.

Run on WebListener/Kestrel:

  • Open a command prompt and cd \src\MusicStore\.
  • [WebListener]:
    1. Run dnx . web (Application started at URL http://localhost:5002/).
  • [Kestrel]:
    1. Run dnx . kestrel (Application started at URL http://localhost:5004/).
  • [CustomHost]:
    1. Run dnx . run (This hosts the app in a console application - Application started at URL http://localhost:5003/).

To run the sample on Mac/Mono:

  • Follow the instructions at the Home repository to install Mono and DNVM on Mac OS X.
  • Open a command prompt and execute cd \src\MusicStore\.
  • Execute dnu restore.
  • Try dnx . kestrel to run the application.

NOTE: Since on Mono SQL client is not available the sample uses an InMemoryStore to run the application. So the changes that you make will not be persisted.

Deploy on Heroku

To deploy MusicStore on Heroku, click the button below:


NTLM authentication

More information at src/MusicStore/StartupNtlmAuthentication.cs.

OpenIdConnect authentication

More information at src/MusicStore/StartupOpenIdConnect.cs.

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