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@hikalkan hikalkan released this
· 2938 commits to master since this release
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What's New

See the blog post for this release:


  • #447 #2835 #2845 Automatically write Entity Change History for auditing (only supports EF Core for now).
  • #2872 #2771 Created Abp.AspNetCore.OData package.
  • #2940 Allow modules to add MVC routes in module definition file.
  • #2820 Add security headers to HTTP response by default.
  • #2931 ZonedDateTimeRange and DateTime/DayOfWeek/DateTimeRange Extensions.


  • #2755 LDAP / AD auth extension upgraded to .net standard 2.0.
  • #2971 Allow ignoring TimeZoneNotFoundException for retrieving windows timezones.
  • #2976 Upgrade nuget dependencies for v3.4.0 release.
  • #2923 GetHashCode will cause NullReferenceException when entity's id is null.
  • #2911 Implement ApplicationPath for ASP.NET Core.
  • #2903 DateTimeRange TimeSpan.
  • #2854 Timezone problem on non-windows operating systems.
  • #2834 Set .AspNetCore.Culture cookie as HttpOnly.


Revised all documents for grammar mistakes. Thanks to @acjh and @beriniwlew for your huge effort!