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To test it, if you have qemu-kvm installed:
kvm -cdrom binary-hybrid.iso -m 1024
+If you want to build an i386 image on an amd64 box, set the following
+variables: LB_ARCHITECTURES="i386" in config/bootstrap and
+LB_LINUX_FLAVORS="486 686-pae" in config/chroot.
IMPORTANT: If you make changes, make sure to clean before rebuilding:
* hack hack *
sudo lb clean
sudo lb build
-If "lb clean" isn't run first, changes may not be applied.
+If "lb clean" isn't run first, changes may not be applied. If you change the
+architecture in a directory where you've already built an image, you need to
+blow away everything except the "auto" and "config" directories. This includes
+the hidden ".stage" directory.
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