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Co-authored-by: Stefano Cordio <>

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AssertJ provides a rich and intuitive set of strongly-typed assertions to use for unit testing (with JUnit, TestNG or any other test framework).

You can ask questions in stackoverflow (assertj tag) and make suggestions by simply creating an issue.

AssertJ's goals

AssertJ's ambition is to provide a rich and intuitive set of strongly-typed assertions for unit testing.

The idea is that disposal assertions should be specific to the type of the objects we are checking when writing unit tests. If you're checking the value of a String, you use String-specific assertions. Checking the value of a Map? Use Map-specific assertions to easily check the contents of the map.

AssertJ's assertions are super easy to use: just type assertThat(underTest). and use code completion to show you all assertions available.

Assertion missing? Please create an issue to discuss it and even better contribute to the project!

AssertJ is composed of several modules:

Want to contribute?

You are encouraged to contribute any missing useful assertions.

Please read the contributing section and raise a PR!