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Testing is the practice of systematically testing software to make sure it works. Testing can be iterative, and happen multiple times.

Eliminate bugs and ship with more confidence by adding these tools to your workflow.

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techsin commented Apr 22, 2019

Tell us about your environment:

  • Puppeteer version: 1.14
  • Platform / OS version: Windows
  • Node.js version: 10

What steps will reproduce the problem?
try to pass a promise to await page.waitForResponse(response => condition) instead of urlOrPredicate.

What is the expected result?
expect async function to work

What happens instead?
no waiting as promise

lancevalour commented Oct 23, 2019

Describe the bug
In the config.js addParameters function, if I set isFullscreen: true and open the webpage, it is fullscreen on startup. But if I set isFullscreen: false and open the webpage again, it is still full-screen on startup.

To Reproduce

  1. Set isFullscreen: true, open the webpage,
  2. Close the webpage or stop the server
  3. Set isFullscreen: false, open the webpa
goldbergyoni commented Jan 26, 2020

Given the immense popularity of Docker and the need to harden it different per platform (see ideas below) - we'd like to start writing a Docker best practices section.

You're welcome to contribute ideas and write best practices - writing and brainstorming will people is an amazing way to deepen your Docker understanding.

At first, we want to collect ideas for best practices, solidify a list

thernstig commented Apr 3, 2020

Note: This is fundamentally working as intended, this issue is now about validating the config and providing a sufficient warning.

🐛 Bug Report

The configuration testSequencer ( is silently ignored in projects (

To Reproduce

Run this config

tzolnai commented Mar 31, 2020

Current behavior:

We use --env variable to pass some environment variables to cypress, when it's running both in headless and headed mode.

One of the parameters is a hash (mix of numbers and characters). Surprisingly some specific hash values make cypress to fail reading this value from the command line (e.g. 769e98018). The corresponding environment variable is not set and the `Cyp

boneskull commented Apr 14, 2020

I'm getting bit with failing documentation builds because I'm writing docstrings that JSDoc doesn't like (specifically, TS-style). But there's no linting happening before getting to Netlify.

We may be able to make JSDoc just check the syntax and exit (and make it part of the lint scripts).

This is moot if we want to move forward with maintaining our own TS types (for which there is an op

XSAM commented Dec 26, 2019

The go build command in the Compilation Wiki will throw complaints.

#Compile from source
cd $HOME/gocode/src/
go build LDFLAGS = -ldflags "-extldflags "-static""

$ go build LDFLAGS = -ldflags "-extldflags \"-static\""
can't load package: package LDFLAGS: malformed module path "LDFLAGS": missing dot 
philsquared commented Mar 24, 2020

Describe the bug
When TEMPLATE_LIST_TEST_CASE and TEMPLATE_LIST_TEST_CASE_METHOD were added, the corresponding versions with the CATCH_ prefix were missed.

Expected behavior

Additional context


mwmichael commented Mar 29, 2020

This is a great book and I've enjoyed following it through almost to the end.

However, if I type / copy the code in the first code block at then run the test, it will give me a

Success: all tests pass.

It looks like the package that is being included already has the correct code. The guide should sure

maald commented Apr 24, 2020

As a new end user, I cannot find a single user guide or decent documentation. The javadoc reads like it's written as a quick review for someone who already knows the ins/outs of Mockito and just need some sample code. I don't even know what or how Mockito works and the first couple of lines are talking about "mockito inline".

Most open source projects have really great user guides and document

Zylatis commented Jun 20, 2019
  • Faker version: 1.0.7
  • OS: Ubuntu 16.04

I was wondering if it is possible to generate a list of 'n' unique company names? I saw some PR's which gave a unique keyword for 'words' but doesn't seem to extend to other providers? I understand i could just keep regenerating and dropping duplicates until I got a unique set of length n, but would be nice to just have a keyword for that (plus this m

rajsite commented Feb 11, 2020

I'm upgrading a build environment from python 2 to python 3 and noticed that endpoints with seeded random numbers are not returning the same values. It seems to be related to usage of randint:

It seems like randint is not seed safe and it looks like only random() is: https://bugs.python.o

jamiebuilds commented Dec 19, 2019

I thought I'd give some feedback on how the could be better, I'm happy to help with some of these items, but better to write them down and discuss them first.

  • The website works really well as a marketing site right now, but it doesn't really capitalize on that by calling users to action. It should tell them to "Get Started" or "Install" with either a big button to
szegel commented Mar 26, 2020

According to your documentation (, I can name a method teardown() in a test class, and it should not get run by pytest. I am using version pytest-3.8.2.

Pytest calls a method called teardown on class destruction even though it is specified as teardown_class in your documentation. I am guessing this accidentally did not get removed, when the na

lucielavickova commented Jul 12, 2019

Would it be possible to add "trim" parameter to keyword "Should Be Equal As Strings" (+related keywords)?
Many times I need to compare two strings, but there are some trailing or leading whitespaces in the actual value, which I don't care about, so I always have to trim them before. Having trim as a parameter in these keywords would help me a lot :)


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