Asseth virtual machine for workshops
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Assethbox is a 64bits virtual machine provided by Asseth non-profit organization.

Inside the VM (Non-exhaustive):


  • geth
  • mist
  • parity
  • testrpc
  • populus
  • truffle
  • embark
  • dapple

Decentralized stuff

  • IPFS

Editors with solidity syntax

  • vim with solidity syntax
  • sublime-text-3

Useful common tools for developers

  • versioning : git, tig
  • monitoring : htop
  • shell : zsh with oh-my-zsh
  • terminal : terminator with plugins (git, virtualenv, virtualenvwrapper, ssh)
  • python : v2.7, v3.5, headers provided by python-dev
  • chat : slack
  • web : curl, wget, firefox, chromium
  • crypto : openssl
  • nodejs: node, npm


  • all asseth's github projects are cloned in /home/vagrant/projects

Simplest install

Get the image

Download the .ova file here or here and import it in virtualbox Import it in virtualbox ('File/Import...')


969817f1554c1ddae2a6c4082702220c  assethbox_0.7.3.ova
3c41c076c3dce3dcc1b8ccede47a897dc8ef5365  assethbox_0.7.3.ova
0b51762e0b8cb225fd01204f0ab85f3829385eb428fc48bf52cfbcdaca8e83d7  assethbox_0.7.3.ova


user: vagrant password: vagrant

Build from sources

git clone
cd assethbox
vagrant up && vagrant ssh

To trash the VM, from your host, in the assethbox folder:

vagrant halt && vagrant destroy
rm -rf .vagrant

Generate .ova file from build

vagrant up
vagrant halt
vboxmanage export asseth -o assethbox_YOUR_VERSION.ova

Note for Mac Users**

  • The Mac keyboard configuration is available either :
    • by editing the file provisioning/roles/devtools/templates/zshrc.j2 before building from sources (see the 3 last lines)
    • by editing the file /home/vagrant/.zshrc on the VM (see the 3 last lines)