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Datakit is a pluggable command-line tool for managing the life cycle of data projects.

The Associated Press Data Team uses Datakit to auto-generate project skeletons, archive and share data on Amazon S3, and other routine tasks.

Datakit is a thin wrapper around the Cliff command-line framework and is intended for use with a growing ecosystem of plugins.


datakit-project provides command-line tools to help generate project skeletons from Cookiecutter templates. The plugin is part of the datakit command-line framework.

Some highlights include the ability to:

  • Install templates from local Git repos or from Github
  • Interactively select a template when creating new projects
  • List locally installed templates
  • Check whether templates are out-of-date
  • Update templates

The Associated Press Data Team relies on this plugin because it fits nicely into a broader data science workflow built around datakit.

It's worth noting that Cookiecutter's command-line tool offers some of these features, and its developers are working to add others. Additionally, we primarily support Git-based templates, whereas Cookiecutter also works with mercurial repositories.

Please be sure to check out the latest release of Cookiecutter to see if it might be a better fit.