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Minimal docker image for running Urbit

**Warning: Make sure you mount a volume for the /urbit/$SHIP directory in the container, otherwise you may lose the urbit's key and state unrecoverably! **. The provided create/run scripts do that for you, but be careful if running a custom docker command.

This container builds an APK and installs it. See the APK section for details on building the apk separately.


The scripts/ directory contains scripts for running and creating ships (by mapping the current directory as a volume inside the container).

$ scripts/ mycomet

$ scripts/run myship

A non-default image can be selected by setting the URBIT_IMAGE environment variable.

Run as daemon

$ scripts/run-daemon myship

Attach to the running daemon using the <container-id> from the run-daemon output:

$ docker exec -ti <container-id> tmux attach

Detach from the session using the tmux binding C-b d

Image Variants


Images tagged with <version>-debian, e.g. 0.6.0-debian

This is the default since urbit version 0.6.0. Debian images are around 73MB.


Alpine images are considerably smaller in size (around 15MB). They are not supported yet for urbit version 0.6.0.


If you want to build the apk used by the container by yourself, you can find in the apkbuild/ directory the APKBUILD script and a Makefile to build the apk using docker.

$ cd apkbuild
$ make
$ ls packages/home/x86_64/
APKINDEX.tar.gz  urbit-0.4.5-r0.apk
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