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BitTorrent Content Distribution for Podcasts
Erlang PLpgSQL Shell
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apps feeds_parse:month_to_int/1: fix list match
rel update seeder to ranch
.gitignore .gitignore README: TODO update
dev.erl dev.erl: start sasl & xmerl
pg_downloads.sql sql: get_guid_downloads()
pg_install.sql pg_search
pg_meta.sql sql: fix VIEW active_users
pg_migrate_enclosures_recheck.sql sql: enclosure_to_recheck() sorts with more fields
pg_search.sql sql: order search_feed_items by rank first, published second
pg_stats.sql pg_stats.sql: reduce gauges/counters indices
pg_var.sql feeds: parse EnclosureGUID
rebar.config rebar: use another exmpp fork
tracker_load.erl tracker_load: 1s iteration



rebar get-deps compile generate


  • URL longener?
  • Fix empty downloads.type
  • filter.js:
    • Fix button style breakage in Mozilla
    • Fix z-index (Android?)
  • New {feeds,downloads}.{lang,summary,type} in:

    • Downloads Feeds
    • HTML
  • enforce https for log in

  • clickable stats hint

  • stop seeding

  • Check U-A & replace RSS links with Miro subscribe URLs

  • Edit user:

    • About field
  • Edit feeds:

    • Add & fetch immediately
  • feeds_parse:

  • more configurability

  • Fetch & display feed summaries

  • Feed summaries: X items, Y torrents

  • Storage app

    • Avoid dup connections to 1 HTTP server (IP)
    • Fair queueing
    • Caching
  • OEmbed

  • Stats:

    • DLs by country/client?
  • Rehash on detected enclosure data change

  • Multiple sources per feed

Future features:

  • UDP tracker
  • UTP wire protocol
  • UI: Wholesome OPML export
  • Super-seeding
  • Slot queues
  • PEX
  • DHT support
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