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This is a prototype for a webpage which can generate acknowledgments for facilities, data sets, and software.

I want to help!

Great! There are two places you can help: contributing entries, and helping with the actual functionality.

Contributing/fixing an entry

Each item that can be acknowledged is in a file in the entries folder of the repository, in a format called YAML (just look at one of the existing files to see what this looks like). You can edit the existing files to modify the entries, and add new files to add new entries.

The syntax and required fields are:

name: The Name Here
category: codes
text: This is the acknowledgment
latex: This is the LaTeX version (if needed)
url: http://...
 - ...
 - ...

The dependencies field should contain a YAML list of other acknowledgments that should be automatically included (not yet functional in the web interface, but will work in future!).

You can also add a BibTex entry if needed:

bibtex: >
    author = ...

or AAS facility keywords (for observatories):

facilities: \facility{Infrared Telescope Facility}

If you are not familiar with git, you should be able to add the files via the GitHub interface. Simply navigate to the right directory, then click on the following + symbol:


This will then automatically open a pull request. You can also just send me any file by email (thomas.robitaille@gmail.com).

Note that after new entries are added, the database.json file needs to be re-generated, but I will see to this, so you do not need to worry about it.

Contributing to the interface

There are a number of issues open relating to the interface - you can find these here. I am still learning Javascript, so I am making slow progress, and any help is highly welcome! Many of these issues are easy low-hanging fruit.


The following people have contributed to the concept/code:

A full list of contributors, which includes individuals that have contributed entries, can be found here.