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A log viewing UI with a pushlog UI that also hangs around.

ArbPL is four things, in decreasing order of importance/relevance:

  • A log viewing UI for the Deuxdrop "loggest" logging / testing framework.
  • A log viewing UI for Thunderbird's mozmill logging framework.
  • A live-updating 'pushlog' interface that tracks new builds/test runs. A lot of fanciness exists for dealing with complicated build setups like the comm-central and mozilla-central trees.
  • A tinderbox scraper capable of dealing with the comm-central tree.

The Largely Mooted Tinderbox Scraper Server:

  • Pulls build info from in its JSON-ish format.
  • Pulls push/revision info from in its real JSON format.
  • Parses xpcshell and mozmill build logs downloaded from
  • Is not Mozilla Pulse aware.

The UI/client:

  • Talks to the server.
  • Can also operate in a standlone log viewer mode.

Client Deps (Included):

All of these are present as git submodules, you need do nothing if you check us out with "--recursive". If you forgot to do that, do "git submodule init" then "git submodule update".

  • RequireJS: module loader.
  • wmsy: widgeting framework.
  • jstut: uh, reusing my visualizable promise work, documentation eventually.

Server NPM Deps:

Just do "npm install" in server and the stuff should show up. Read package.json to know what shows up.

  • q, q-http: promises stuff
  • carrier: simple line-reader stream filter
  • express/connect: web serving framework, used very shallowly.
  • sqlite3: For database storage. You might need to "npm install -g node-gyp" for this bit to install correctly.
  • nomnom: option parsing
  • realtime updates

Note: we also locally have a git submodule for a modified version of the compress module that actually works. "npm install" will see it and do the right thing (build it).

Server Program Deps

If using the "loggest" processing functionality for deuxdrop, you need:

  • graphviz: We use dot/neato/circo what not to perform some offline graph layout. If you don't have this installed logalchew will apparently silently hang and then automatically kill itself based on a timeout.

Server Optional Deps

For development:

  • node-dev: Auto-restart helper; the webserve scripts use this if present on the path.