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# Transposition File Breaker
# (BSD Licensed)
import sys, time, os, sys, transpositionDecrypt, detectEnglish
inputFilename = 'frankenstein.encrypted.txt'
outputFilename = 'frankenstein.decrypted.txt'
def main():
if not os.path.exists(inputFilename):
print('The file %s does not exist. Quitting.' % (inputFilename))
inputFile = open(inputFilename)
content =
brokenMessage = breakTransposition(content)
if brokenMessage != None:
print('Writing decrypted text to %s.' % (outputFilename))
outputFile = open(outputFilename, 'w')
print('Failed to break encryption.')
# The breakTransposition() function's code was copy/pasted from
# and had some modifications made.
def breakTransposition(message):
# Python programs can be stopped at any time by pressing Ctrl-C (on
# Windows) or Ctrl-D (on Mac and Linux)
print('(Press Ctrl-C or Ctrl-D to quit at any time.)')
for key in range(1, len(message)):
print('Trying key #%s... ' % (key), end='')
# We want to track the amount of time it takes to test a single key,
# so we record the time in startTime.
startTime = time.time()
decryptedText = transpositionDecrypt.decryptMessage(key, message)
englishPercentage = round(detectEnglish.getEnglishCount(decryptedText) * 100, 2)
totalTime = round(time.time() - startTime, 3)
print('Test time: %s seconds, ' % (totalTime), end='')
sys.stdout.flush() # flush printed text to the screen
print('Percent English: %s%%' % (englishPercentage))
if englishPercentage > 20:
print('Key ' + str(key) + ': ' + decryptedText[:100])
print('Enter D for done, or just press Enter to continue:')
response = input('> ')
if response.strip().upper().startswith('D'):
return decryptedText
return None
# If is run (instead of imported as a module)
# call the main() function.
if __name__ == '__main__':
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