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Al Sweigart edited this page May 29, 2015 · 5 revisions

Welcome to the Idle Reimagined Wiki

IDLE Reimagined is the code name for a redesign for Python's default IDLE editor with focus as an educational tool. IDLE's chief utility is that it is simple and comes installed with Python. It works well for newbies to start programming, while professional software developers ignore it and use more sophisticated IDEs.

These two facts make it a prime candidate to be drastically redesigned with features friendly specifically to those learning to program, without upsetting a user base that would want a sophisticated design for experts.

If you would like to help, please join the mailing list. IR is still in the planning phases and there is no code yet.

I presented the core ideas of IDLE Reimagined in Montreal at PyCon 2015's Education Summit.

Most of the content on this wiki is written by Al Sweigart, and I tend to use first-person in the writing. Don't think that any of the design decisions are final even if they are written in an affirmative tone.

Killer App - What makes IR (IDLE Reimagined) an awesome replacement for IDLE.

Prime Directives - The guiding design principles for the IR project.

Influences - Features from other IDEs that we may want to copy.

Design Pages

All of these pages should be considered work-in-progress.

Menu - Menu items.

Panes and Bars - UI design pages for the panes and bars.

Pastebin Feature

Foreign Language Feature

Plain-Spoken Error Messages Feature

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