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atSCM command line interface

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This module can be installed via npm. With node.js version 10 or later installed run:

# Install atscm-cli globally
npm install -g atscm-cli

You may have to run this command as an administrator.

Basic usage

You can find more detailed usage information in the usage manuals.

Creating a new atSCM project

Running atscm init will prompt you for a project name, description, etc. and create a new atSCM project.

For more detailed information on the init command look at the manuals.

Running tasks

Run tasks by typing atscm [task] inside a project directory.

Lookup the tasks available in the atscm manuals or by running atscm --tasks.

Open documentation

Running atscm docs will open the API documentation of the atscm module, running atscm docs --cli will open the documentation of this module.