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SuperSelect is a Chrome extension that enables fast human selection of text and data from web pages.

Ctl+C and Ctl+V work well in many cases, but SuperSelect is designed to work at scale, when you need to select and extract structured data repeatedly. It is also useful for selecting text from websites that disable standard text selection.

Demo It

Demo SuperSelect here.

Install It

Install SuperSelect here.

Develop It

SuperSelect is implemented in ClojureScript using frameworks om/next and chromex.

To develop the popup, background, and workspace pages:

$ rlwrap lein fig-dev

To develop the content script:

$ lein content-dev

Then, launch a test browser:

$ ./scripts/
Sandbox Development

To develop the content script capability headless (without the browser extension environment):

$ rlwrap lein fig-demo

Then serve resources/unpacked/sandbox.html to your browser.

This is useful for a better repl experience; figwheel isn't supported for the content script in the extension environment.

If you're developing just the text selection code, this is the way to go.

Develop the Demo

First install Jekyll, etc. Then:

$ cd docs
$ bundle exec jekyll serve

To update the demo page with the latest code:

$ lein demo-release