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FQL Adapter for DataMapper

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An FQL Adapter for DataMapper. Read-only.

FQL is the “Facebook Query Language”: an API that allows you to send SQL-ish strings along with session information and API credentials to Facebook in order to query for information about users, comments, stream activity and more. See the FQL docs here:

For usage, see example_app.rb.

As of 7/16/09, this only ran on the DataMapper Next branch (i.e. 0.10). For details on how to upgrade to that branch, see here:

Install as a gem: sudo gem install atduskgreg-dm-fql-adapter

Also, this repo includes Facemask, a more straightforward approach to querying the Facebook API than some of the more complex libs out there.

– Greg Borenstein 7/16/09 in Portland, OR

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