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Generate DuoTone themes for HyperTerm with Base16-Builder
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Generate DuoTone themes for Hyper with Base16-Builder

screenshot of Base2Tone Evening Dark in Hyper
Base2Tone Evening Dark

screenshot of Base2Tone Morning Light in Hyper
Base2Tone Morning Light


  1. Make a folder in .hyper_plugins/local/ like for example hyperterm-base2tone-evening-dark, and copy the package.json.txt and one of your favorite themes from the index-folder over there.
  2. Rename hyperterm-base2tone-evening-dark to index.js
  3. Rename package.json.txt and adapt this package.json to the choosen theme names.
  4. Open Hyper's preferences by pressing Cmd+, or manually at ~/.hyper.js.
  5. Find and Update the local-plugins array to one of the themes from the index folder.
  localPlugins: [
  1. Reload Hyper by pressing Cmd + Shft + R


Two colorschemes found there way into NPM, so the convenient way is to add those to the plugins list in your ~/.hyper.js config file, if you like to.

Base16 Builder

Made with Base16 Builder, one will need to have Base16 Builder installed from NPM to regenerate the themes, or to create your own from a custom colorscheme. For convenience I use the bash script to output all of the themes to the index folder from the commandline with one small command:

Recommended Setting

in ~/.hyper.js

module.exports = {
  config: {
    // default font size in pixels for all tabs
    fontSize: 14,

  // font family with optional fallbacks, but best install "Meslo LG L DZ" to fix crammed line-height
    fontFamily: '"Meslo LG L DZ","Fira Mono", Consolas, Menlo, "DejaVu Sans Mono", "Lucida Console", monospace',



Released under MIT Licence

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