The PHP library package of Les Ateliers Pierrot
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PHP Library

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The PHP library package of Les Ateliers Pierrot


This package is a set of PHP basic classes commonly used (in our work) to facilitate other developments. It contains some global classes to extend to start on a robuste base, some useful helpers for some methods often used etc. For a full review of what the library embeds, have a look at the src/Library/ directory contents.

This package is based on our PHP Patterns package.


For a complete information about how to install this package and load its namespace, please have a look at our USAGE documentation.

If you are a Composer user, just add the package to the requirements of your project's composer.json manifest file:

"atelierspierrot/library": "dev-master"

You can use a specific release or the latest release of a major version using the appropriate version constraint.

Note that the library depends on the external package PHP Patterns.

Quick overview

HTTP Fundamental

The Library\HttpFundamental namespace defines a set of classes to handle a classic HTTP request/response protocol.


The Library\Helper namespace defines some classes commonly used following these rules:

  • all methods are static,
  • methods MUST NOT send error while calling them without the right arguments or with no argument at all.

Author & License

PHP Library

Copyleft (ↄ) 2013-2016 Pierre Cassat and contributors

Licensed under the GPL Version 3 license.

Les Ateliers Pierrot - Paris, France -