web irc client for the atheme platform
JavaScript Python CSS HTML


If you want to install Iris, read AUTHORS and LICENSE first, then continue with the following steps:

(0. install all dependencies, get python, install python-simplejson etc.; do not complain about errors which are caused by missing dependencies)
1. copy iris.conf.example to iris.conf, then edit iris.conf and change all options to fit your needs. You may NOT comment out sections you don't need; if you do not need additional HTML text, remove the analytics code and leave the option empty, but do not comment it out.
2. run the following command:
python ./compile.py
3. if there were no errors, read the help of run.py:
python ./run.py --help
4. you can now run run.py with any arguments you need; maybe you should create a cronjob or a script to run Iris. If run.py does not correctly daemonize, check if "args: -n" exists in your config and delete the "-n" ;-)

NOTE: You will need to install the ipaddress module from pypi (<https://pypi.python.org/pypi/ipaddress>), NOT py2-ipaddress. Use virtualenv if you need both of these modules installed because they will conflict with each other.