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an extremely scalable ircd with some cooperation with the ratbox and ircu guys
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libratbox/openssl: Set explicit cipher list for the client context as…


This is in furtherance of commits 9799bea and 1f38446 and addresses
any potential vulnerability to LogJam <>
latest commit cb266283f8
@aaronmdjones aaronmdjones authored
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bandb configure: use pkg-config for sqlite
doc Remove network_desc configuration option, never actually used anywhere
extensions extensions/extb_channel: Allow the channel itself as target even if +…
help help: Update indexes
include Remove network_desc configuration option, never actually used anywhere
libratbox libratbox/openssl: Set explicit cipher list for the client context as…
m4 m4/pkg.m4: add pkg-config-0.24 macros
modules INFO: Be easier on human eyes
scripts release: Use git instead of hg for version number in tarballs.
src Misc code cleanups
ssld Remove trailing whitespace from all .c and .h files.
testsuite Remove network_desc configuration option, never actually used anywhere
tools tools: Remove Hybrid 6 conversion tools.
.gitignore tools: Remove Hybrid 6 conversion tools. [svn] - the new plan:
.mailmap Add a Git .mailmap
CREDITS Update my email address
GIT-Access GIT-Access: Our repos are on github now, so let's say so.
INSTALL tools: Remove Hybrid 6 conversion tools.
LICENSE [svn] - the new plan: Fix inconsistency between --sysconfdir and --with-confdir, deprecate …
NEWS Update 3.5 NEWS. move README to markdown.
TODO Back out chanroles.
aclocal.m4 aclocal.m4: rerun aclocal
configure charybdis 3.5.0 rc1. charybdis 3.5.0 rc1.
install-sh [svn] - the new plan:


Charybdis is a reference implementation of the IRCv3.1 server component. It is meant to be used with an IRCv3-capable services implementation such as Atheme or Anope.

necessary requirements

  • A supported platform
  • A working dynamic load library.
  • A working lex. Solaris /usr/ccs/bin/lex appears to be broken, on this system flex should be used.

feature specific requirements

  • For SSL Clients, SSL Challenge controlled OPER feature, and encrypted server links, a working OpenSSL library or GnuTLS library. CHALLENGE is not supported on GnuTLS yet.

  • For ECDHE, OpenSSL 1.0.0 or newer is required. RHEL/Fedora and derivatives like CentOS will need to compile OpenSSL from source, as ECC/ECDHE-functionality is removed from the OpenSSL package in these distributions.


  • To report bugs in charybdis, visit us at #charybdis

  • Please read doc/index.txt to get an overview of the current documentation.

  • The files, /etc/services, /etc/protocols, and /etc/resolv.conf, SHOULD be readable by the user running the server in order for ircd to start with the correct settings. If these files are wrong, charybdis will try to use for a resolver as a last-ditch effort.

  • FREEBSD USERS: if you are compiling with ipv6 you may experience problems with ipv4 due to the way the socket code is written. To fix this you must: "sysctl net.inet6.ip6.v6only=0"

  • SOLARIS USERS: this code appears to tickle a bug in older gcc and egcs ONLY on 64-bit Solaris7. gcc-2.95 and SunPro C on 64bit should work fine, and any gcc or SunPro compiled on 32bit.

  • SUPPORTED PLATFORMS: this code should compile without any warnings on:

    • FreeBSD 10
    • Gentoo & Gentoo Hardened ~x86/~amd64/~fbsd
    • RHEL 6 / 7
    • Debian Jessie
    • OpenSuSE 11/12
    • OpenSolaris 2008.x?
    • Solaris 10 sparc.

    Please let us know if you find otherwise.
    It probably does not compile on AIX, IRIX or libc5 Linux.

  • Please read NEWS for information about what is in this release.

  • Other files recommended for reading: BUGS, INSTALL

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