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libmowgli - A useful collection of routines for programming

libmowgli is a free but copyrighted library, check COPYING for details.


1. What is libmowgli?
2. Installation
3. Bug Reports

What is libmowgli?

libmowgli is a class library containing performance and usability oriented
extensions to C.

It contains:
    - mowgli.alloc: A safe wrapper around malloc/free.
    - mowgli.argstack: Safe serialization of valists.
    - mowgli.assert: Various assertion routines that can be used.
    - mowgli.bitvector: Bitmasks with an unlimited level of precision.
    - mowgli.patricia: A dictionary implementation based on a modified
                       patricia tree algorithm (uses nibbles instead of
                       bits for branching).
    - mowgli.error_backtrace: Provide feedback to users on what caused
                              the error they are recieving.
    - mowgli.formatter: A simple token formatter which is sometimes useful.
    - mowgli.global_storage: A simple global storage library.
    - mowgli.hash: A portable implementation of the FNV-1 hash.
    - mowgli.heap: An optimistic heap-based memory allocator
    - mowgli.hook: A simple hooks API you can use for your application,
                   which allows for hooks to provide both application
                   data and user data.
    - mowgli.json: A simple, flexible, reentrant JSON parser
    - mowgli.list: A high performance linked lists implementation with
                   O(1) scalability for most common operations.
    - mowgli.logger: An internal class for handling logging of exceptions.
    - mowgli.module: A wrapper around dlopen(3) and dlsym(3).
    - mowgli.object: A simple class which provides reference counted
                     pointers and polymorphism of structs.
    - mowgli.object_class: Classing and subclassing for objects.
    - mowgli.object_metadata: Metadata for objects.
    - mowgli.object_messaging: Messaging and signalling for objects.
    - mowgli.queue: A simple class which implements double-ended queues.
    - mowgli.random: A high performance psuedo-random number generator.
    - mowgli.signal: A wrapper for sigaction(2).
    - mowgli.eventloop: A portable event loop implementation.
    - mowgli.vio: An abstraction layer for I/O.
    - mowgli.linebuf: A line-buffering implementation for clients.
    - mowgli.thread: Minimal thread abstraction.

More classes will be added with later releases. Please use GitHub's
issue tracker if you have suggestions on what should be implemented.


Installation is fairly typical:

  $ ./configure
  $ make
  $ sudo make install

(If sudo isn't on your system, su to root. On GNU systems you can even do
"su -c 'make install'", which is basically the same thing as using sudo.)

Bug Reports

Bugs can be reported using the GitHub issue tracker on the libmowgli-2
project page: