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I am the wisest man alive, for I know one thing, and that is that I know nothing.

— Socrates

Use Athens

Athens persists data to your local filesystem.

If you want to try Athens, you have two options:

  1. Build locally via the directions in Contributing.
  2. Sponsor the project and join the waitlist! The beta is currently being rolled out, first to Sponsors and Contributors, and then to those on the waitlist.


To run the development build of Athens, follow the instructions in Contributing and checkout our Project Board. If you're new to Clojure, join ClojureFam. Before creating issues, please ask in our Discord 👇

Join Discord

Our Discord community is a space for collaboration and learning (especially about Clojure!).

We chat about other Tools for Thought, graph visualizations, graph DBs, decentralized DBs, blockchains, open protocols, knowledge markets, education, philosophy, and governance.

We also love Future of Coding topics such as visual programming, live programming, local first apps, end-user programming, programming language theory, HCI, AR / VR / spatial software, AI / ML, and so on and so forth.

Ultimately, however, we recognize technology does not exist in a vaccum. Technology shapes society as much as vice versa. There are never no externalities. If you are interested in "sensemaking" towards a better world, please join us!


To learn more about this project, please see:

  • Our Notion — helpful docs like tutorials, updates, meeting notes
  • v1 Project Board — the effective roadmap and what specifically is being developed
  • Vision — individual and collective memexes — computing and the Web as originally promised
  • Governance — BD + Core Team + Guardians + Athenians
  • Code of Conduct — our values and guidelines, AKA how to be an awesome Athenian



Open-Source Networked Thought. The Closed Beta is underway! Join the waitlist via Sponsor us to get the beta faster!




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