Downloading any number of images for a search query
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Dependencies needed

  1. Selenium
    Install as pip install selenium
  2. Geckodriver
    [Geckodriver is already provided in the repository and therefore the following steps might not be required if the provided one works fine]
  • Download latest release based on your OS and architecture
  • Extract the file
    tar -xvzf geckodriver*
  • Make it executable
    chmod +x geckodriver
  • Add the driver to the path for other tools to use it
    export PATH=$PATH:/path-to-extracted-file/geckodriver

Download any number of images from Google image search.

  • run as (Use 2/3 according to python version)
    -Python 2
    python <query> <number of images>
    -Python 3
    python <query> <number of images>
    <query>: is the the query to search for.
    <number of images>: min(<number of images>, total google results) will be downloaded.

All the images are downloaded from Google image search. These should be used for educational purposes only. Copyright is owned by the respective websites.