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  1. kuromoji kuromoji Public

    Kuromoji is a self-contained and very easy to use Japanese morphological analyzer designed for search

    Java 931 127

  2. kuromoji-server kuromoji-server Public

    Kuromoji server and demo that shows Japanese morphological analyzer capabilities

    HTML 24 4

  3. lucenerevolution-2013 lucenerevolution-2013 Public

    Demo examples for linguistics in Lucene and Solr

    Java 13 4

  4. kuromoji-solr kuromoji-solr Public

    Kuromoji is a Japanese morphological analyzer designed for search. This software integrates Kuromoji with Apache Solr.

    Java 12

  5. berlin-buzzwords-2013 berlin-buzzwords-2013 Public

    Demo examples for Lucene, Solr, ElasticSearch and OpenNLP from Berlin Buzzwords 2013 talk

    Java 5 4

  6. fst fst Public

    Kuromoji FST

    Java 4 1


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