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ATK14 is a PHP Framework for fearless guys

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ATK14 is a server-side web application framework helping to build websites of any kind.

ATK14 is a classy MVC framework.

ATK14 emphasizes Convention over Configuration principle.

If one dares to dip into ATK14, she or he gains:

  • funny modelling, templating and controlling
  • awesome form validations
  • database schema migrations
  • easy testing setup with automation and fixtures support
  • perfect headaches
  • big-boy-like feeling

ATK14 consists of

  • Form framework rewritten from Django by Mr. Valousek
  • A smart template engine - Smarty
  • Excellent jQuery integration library by Mr. Ganicky (
  • A few PHP libraries developed by Mr. Tomek over last years, mainly:
    • DbMole, a database data mining creature
    • TableRecord, an ORM framework
    • a tool for sending proper emails
    • tools for parsing YAML and XML and so on

ATK14 requires UNIX environment, PHP 5.6 or newer and Postgresql as a database engine.


You can start work with ATK14 Framework by installing one of the available Skeletons:


ATK14 is free software distributed under the terms of the MIT license


The ATK14 Project site is at

The ATK14 Book is at

The API reference is at