Pebble Watch Face: Simplicity (dutch)
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SimplicityNL (dutch)

Action shot

Based on Simplicity & Complexity.

SimplicityNL is a quick mod of the Simplicity & Complexity watch face for Pebble which adds Week Day to the main screen. It has been translated to Dutch, and items slightly repositioned / reformatted. The text for date/weekday is only redrawn if changed to conserve juice.

Binary release:

Building the watch face

First, create a new project with the script included in the Pebble SDK.

cd <parent dir of project root>

/<sdk_path>/tools/ --symlink-only /<sdk_path>/sdk/ pebble-simplicity-nl
cd pebble-simplicity-nl
./waf configure clean build

Install the watch face using http server

This assumes you have build or downloaded the simplicity-nl.pbw on your machine, and have the SDK available. Run:

python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8000

Use your phone's web browser to browse to the pbw file in the build folder, and click it to install.