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HOGS - Heterogenous Open Geodata Storage

A system for storing hetrogenous geodatasets in postrgeSQL using either a tables or jsonb-layout.

Works on all file types that can be read by OGR.

Importing data

  1. activate virtualenv
  2. Run: python import_conf.json

Other operations

  • run a series of queries, timing them
  • count number of files in an import config
  • creates an import config based on a directory of zipped n50 sosi files


  1. launch a postgis-docker container

    docker run --name dvh2 -p 5432:5432 -e POSTGRES_PASSWORD=pass -e POSTGRES_USER=dvh2 -d mdillon/postgis

  2. create a .env, set DATABASE_URI=postgres://dvh2:pass@localhost:5432/dvh2

  3. Build gdal/ogr with sosi-support

    git clone cd fyba autoreconf --force --install ./configure make -j 8 sudo make install cd ..

    sudo apt-get install libproj-dev

    wget tar xjf geosbz2 cd geos ./configure --enable-python make -j 10 sudo make install cd ..

    svn checkout gdal cd gdal sh ./configure --with-sosi --with-python --with-static-proj --with-geos make -j 8 sudo make install

OR: du whatever you like, as long as you end up with gdal/ogr with python-bindings, geos, sosi and proj4...

  1. create a virtualenv, install packages

    virtualenv --system-site-packages venv source venv/bin/activate pip install -r requirements.txt