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An atmospheric sciences library for Python
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An atmospheric sciences utility library

atmos is a library of Python programming utilities for the atmospheric sciences. It is in ongoing development. If you have an idea for a feature or have found a bug, please post it on the GitHub issue tracker.

Information on how to use the module can be found predominantly by using the built-in help() function in Python. Many docstrings are automatically generated by the module and so information may appear to be missing in the source code. There is also HTML documentation available.

This module is currently alpha. The API of components at the base module level should stay backwards-compatible, but sub-modules are subject to change. In particular, features in the util module are likely to be changed or removed entirely.


  • defined constants used in atmospheric science
  • functions for common atmospheric science equations
  • a simple calculate() interface function for accessing equations
  • no need to remember equation function names or argument order
  • fast calculation of quantities using numexpr
  • skew-T plots integrated into matplotlib


This module is tested to work with Python versions 2.6, 2.7, 3.3, and 3.4 on Unix. Support is given for all platforms. If there are bugs on your particular version of Python, please submit it to the GitHub issue tracker.

Package dependencies:

  • numpy
  • numexpr
  • six
  • nose


To install this module, download and run the following:

$ python install

If you would like to edit and develop the code, you can instead install in develop mode

$ python develop

If you are running Anaconda, you can install using conda:

$ conda install -c mcgibbon atmos

You can also install using pip:

$ pip install atmos

Development version

The most recent development version can be found in the GitHub develop branch.


Calculating pressure from virtual temperature and air density:

>>> import atmos
>>> atmos.calculate('p', Tv=273., rho=1.27)


This module is available under an MIT license. Please see LICENSE.txt.

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