Autosaves buffers when they lose focus
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Autosave package

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Autosaves editor when they lose focus, are destroyed, or when the window is closed.

This package is disabled by default and can be enabled via the autosave.enabled config setting or from the Autosave section of the Settings view (OS X: cmd-,, Windows & Linux: Ctrl-,).

Service API

The service exposes an object with a function dontSaveIf, which accepts a callback. Callbacks will be invoked with each pane item eligible for an autosave and if the callback returns true, the item will be skipped.



"consumedServices": {
  "autosave": {
    "versions": {
      "1.0.0": "consumeAutosave"

package initialize

consumeAutosave({dontSaveIf}) {
  dontSaveIf(paneItem -> paneItem.getPath() === '/dont/autosave/')