Simple library for implementing and consuming evented APIs
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This is a simple library for implementing event subscription APIs.

Implementing Event Subscription APIs

{Emitter} = require 'event-kit'

class User
  constructor: ->
     @emitter = new Emitter

  onDidChangeName: (callback) ->
     @emitter.on 'did-change-name', callback

  setName: (name) ->
     if name isnt @name
       @name = name
       @emitter.emit 'did-change-name', name

  destroy: ->

In the example above, we implement ::onDidChangeName on the user object, which will register callbacks to be invoked whenever the user's name changes. To do so, we make use of an internal Emitter instance. We use ::on to subscribe the given callback in ::onDidChangeName, and ::emit in ::setName to notify subscribers. Finally, when the User instance is destroyed we call ::dispose on the emitter to unsubscribe all subscribers.

Consuming Event Subscription APIs

Emitter::on returns a Disposable instance, which has a ::dispose method. To unsubscribe, simply call dispose on the returned object.

subscription = user.onDidChangeName (name) -> console.log("My name is #{name}")
# Later, to unsubscribe...

You can also use CompositeDisposable to combine disposable instances together.

{CompositeDisposable} = require 'event-kit'

subscriptions = new CompositeDisposable
subscriptions.add user1.onDidChangeName (name) -> console.log("User 1: #{name}")
subscriptions.add user2.onDidChangeName (name) -> console.log("User 2: #{name}")

# Later, to unsubscribe from *both*...

Creating Your Own Disposables

Disposables are convenient ways to represent a resource you will no longer need at some point. You can instantiate a disposable with an action to take when no longer needed.

{Disposable} = require 'event-kit'

disposable = new Disposable => @destroyResource()