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Fuzzy Finder package

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Quickly find and open files using cmd-t.

  • cmd-t or cmd-p to open the file finder
  • cmd-b to open the list of open buffers
  • cmd-shift-b to open the list of Git modified and untracked files
  • enter defaults to opening the selected file without leaving the current pane
  • shift-enter defaults to switching to another pane if the file is already open there

Turning on the "Search All Panes" setting reverses the behavior of enter and shift-enter so enter opens the file in any pane and shift-enter creates a new tab in the current pane.

This package uses both the core.ignoredNames and fuzzy-finder.ignoredNames config settings to filter out files and folders that will not be shown. Both of those config settings are interpreted as arrays of minimatch glob patterns.

This package also will also not show Git ignored files when the core.excludeVcsIgnoredPaths is enabled.