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Jasmine Focused Node Module

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Adds global functions to run only certain Jasmine specs.

The number of f characters in the method name denotes the priority of the describe or it spec.

For example, a fit spec would be run instead of any it specs and a ffit spec would be run instead of any fit or it specs.

This module includes a jasmine-focused executable that wraps jasmine-node allowing you to use the focus functions without adding any additional requires to your spec files.

It passes through all command line flags to jasmine-node.


npm install jasmine-focused


  • Clone the repository
  • Run npm install
  • Run grunt to compile the CoffeeScript


The following function are provides that wrap the standard it and describe Jasmine functions.

  • fit
  • ffit
  • fffit
  • fdescribe
  • ffdescribe
  • fffdescribe

You can remove all focused specs by running the bundled nof script. This script takes a list of directories and defaults to un-focusing all specs in the spec directory.