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Extends Jasmine so waitsFor can wait for a callback to be called instead of always polling
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Jasmine Waits-For-Callback Extension

This module extends jasmine waitsFor blocks with a useful feature for async testing. Normally, jasmine will poll the latch function you pass to waitsFor and only advance the test when the function returns true.

With this extension loaded, if the function you pass to waitsFor declares one or more parameters, it will be passed a callback for each of its parameters. Instead of polling, jasmine will now wait until all the callbacks have been called.

# In your spec helper
require('jasmine-waits-for-callback')(jasmine) # pass the module your global jasmine object

# In your specs

describe "async process", ->
  it "runs to completion", ->
    waitsFor "multiple async calls", (doneWith1, doneWith2) ->
      startWebServer "localhost:3000", doneWith1
      makeRequest "", doneWith2

    runs ->
      # this won't happen until doneWith1 and doneWith2 are both called
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