An Atom package to sort lines of text
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Sorts your lines in Atom. Never gets tired.



From within Atom: Settings -> Install -> search for "sort-lines" and click "Install" OR

From CLI: apm install sort-lines and restart Atom.

Commands and Keybindings

All of the following commands are under the atom-text-editor selector.

If any lines are selected in the active buffer, the commands operate on the selected lines. Otherwise, the commands operate on all lines in the active buffer.

Command Description Keybinding
sort-lines:sort Sorts the lines (case sensitive) F5
sort-lines:case-insensitive-sort Sorts the lines (case insensitive)
sort-lines:natural Sorts the lines ("natural" order)
sort-lines:reverse-sort Sorts the lines in reverse order (case sensitive)
sort-lines:by-length Sorts the lines by length
sort-lines:shuffle Sorts the lines in random order
sort-lines:unique Removes duplicate lines

Custom keybindings can be added by referencing the above commands. To learn more, visit the Using Atom: Basic Customization or Behind Atom: Keymaps In-Depth sections in the flight manual.